Our services

Raw Material & Accessories Sourcing: 
As a primary check to ensure quality, we guide suppliers as to proper source of fabric and identify industries which can deliver in time, good quality fabric of desired weight, construction and colour etc.

Identify reliable manufacturer and supplier sourcing:

  • Every factory we deal with is evaluated at two levels.
  • To assess capacity and capability.
  • To check environmental control and adherence to Labor Laws.


We can guarantee to manufacture the sample within 4 to 7 working days. We arrange sampling from appropriate suppliers as per buyers designs, sketches etc. Samples against orders and Promotional samples sent by suppliers.

  • Collecting customer’s requirement of fabric and style.
  • Identifying and selection of appropriate source.
  • Preliminary screening by inspection and testing.
  • Forwarding samples to the customers and receiving feedback.


Our huge networking in Bangladesh allows us to provide the cheapest price available in Bangladesh. We scrutinize prices quoted by the supplier and with our own experience of the cost structure in the country, obtain the most realistic prices from them.

  • Receiving and verifying the quotations of suppliers by studying their suitability both in terms of quality and capacity to meet contractual requirements.
  • Negotiation and finalization of price.

Order Progress Process:

On receipt of orders based on above, discussing with suppliers on process planning, preparation of critical path by highlighting critical stages involved.

Production Monitoring:

Monitoring the production is one of our main services to our clients because once the product cut wrong it will stitch wrong, so we do monitor every step deeply, from fabric, it’s dying, the shrinkage, the patterns, the cutting layers, bundling, distribution on the machines, general checking, washing, cropping, pressing, final checking, tags/stickers placements etc, packing in bags, master bags, cartons and it’s quality and marking etc, so nothing will be left which will make problem for our clients.

Product Development:

We know the marketing of any company or any product is not so easy, for marketing purpose most of the buyer’s demand several samples to show them to different clients, so we develop them with our existing suppliers according to the buyer’s requirements in timely manner. Other then that order related samples are always be there like approval sample, size set, sales samples (if need).

Quality Control:

  • Once an order has been placed with a supplier, we take the following steps to see that only correct merchandise is shipped.
  • We draw samples of fabric to be used and check its quality, weight, shrinkage, colour fastness, etc. We call for lab-dips and obtain buyers’ approval of shades before bulk fabric is dyed.
  • Before production is started, we obtain approval sample and check it minutely in all respects such as size specification, workmanship, cleanliness and proper fit of the garment.
  • We also suggest from time to time, possible improvements in production process to improve workmanship and get perfect merchandise.
  • Our quality controllers visit factories at regular intervals, making surprise checks, to see that only the correct quality is produced and reject sub-standard and defective pieces in the production pipeline itself.
  • When the consignment is ready, we carry out systematic inspection as suggested by our buyers. If the merchandise is found satisfactory, we issue a certificate of inspection.

Weekly Progress Report:

Meeting with Merchandiser, Quality Controller and Logistic staff will be held every Saturday and status will be e-mailed to customers on every Monday. This will enable all the customers to verify their order progress.

Quality Assurance:

CLASSICTEX is one of the few garment manufacturing/ trading companies in Bangladesh who owns a quality plan compliant to international code/ standards (such as MIL, AATC, ASTM and ISO codes).
Quality Assurance is conducted in 4 stages of production.

  1. Pre production check (PPC)
  2. Initial production check( IPC)
  3. During productions check (DUPRO)
  4. Final random inspection (FRI)

For more information about quality assurance/ quality control please click here.

Shipping/Cargo Handling: 

Shipping documents are checked to verify their conformity to buyers instructions and sent well in advance to the buyer. As a policy, we insist that all our cargo must be handled only by a reputed Forwarder, so that, we get correct information well in time information well in t time about exact sailing details, ETD / ETA of vessels and may also try for priority in booking and loading wherever possible. In suitable circumstances, we may arrange grouping of cargo arriving from different suppliers. This system enables the buyer to import several consignments as one lot and reduces his import cost on freight, clearing, forwarding and cargo handling. We can assist if required in negotiating and obtain special freight rates on the basis of regular turnover. This too results in reducing buyer’s cost of import. Arranging vessel for shipment with the forwarders and follow up shipment points for smoother connections. The above are some of the important activities we perform to provide a very effective service.

Post Shipment Services:

To avoid demurrage at destination, we collect copies of shipping documents such as B/L, AWB, Invoice, Packing list, original G.S.P., Certificate of Origin, Export Certificate etc. from all suppliers immediately shipment and forward it to respective buyers. Should there still arise any misunderstanding or dissatisfaction in respect of any order, we actively help in finding a mutually acceptable solution to the problem.

Other Services:

We also keep buyers informed of market trends, new developments in industry, changes in Govt. policy and regulations etc. as far as possible.

  • Inform buyers about new fabrics, designs and fashion trends within our knowledge.
  • Receive buyers visiting Asia, arrange hotel bookings on their behalf plan their meetings with appropriate suppliers and try to provide all reasonable assistance that a buyer may need in a foreign land to make his visit comfortable and useful.
  • Receive buyers visiting Asia, arrange hotel bookings on their behalf plan their meetings with appropriate suppliers and try to provide all reasonable assistance that a buyer may need in a foreign land to make his visit comfortable and useful.

*Disclaimer: Client must specify inspection requirements, third party inspection company, AQL and code/standard before placing orders in order to maintain expected quality level and refund.